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Copies of the following documents are necessary for loan application, interest rate locks, and underwriting approval:

  • Pay Stubs (for each borrower, all paystubs for most recent 30 day period)
  • W2’s (for each borrower, last 2 years)
  • Personal Tax Returns (for each borrower, last 2 years, federal portion only, all schedules - including K-1’s if applicable) If most recent return is not yet filed, please provide extension letter
  • Business Tax Returns (for each self employed borrower with more than 25% ownership, last 2 years, all pages and schedules) If most recent return is not yet filed, please provide extension letter
  • Bank Statements (last 2 months, if purchase: statements, all pages, for each account showing a portion of the down payment)
  • Homeowners Insurance (declarations page, or insurance agent’s contact information)
  • Drivers License or Passport
  • Mortgage Statement (most recent available for any properties owned)
  • Purchase Agreement (for purchase only, fully executed by all parties)
  • Earnest Money Receipt (for purchase only, provide copy of deposit check once deposit has been made)
  • Note for Second Mortgage (only need for refinance where existing second lien is being subordinated)
  • Schedule of Real Estate Owned (list addresses and occupancy of all properties owned – if any)
  • If you currently own other properties, include mortgage statements and insurance declarations pages for each property
  • VA Form DD-214 (for VA financing only)


At your earliest convenience, please send the above listed documents to me so I may expedite your loan approval.

You can send to my team 3 ways:

1. Scan & Email to Joshua.Crater@WatermarkHomeLoans.com - Our Email Servers are Encrypted, Safe & Secure, Preferred & Most Efficient if you have a good scanner at home or work

2. Fax to Us at 949-613-5644 - Safe & Secure PDF fax comes straight to me

3. Make Copies and Snail Mail to

Attn: Joshua Crater’s Group - 8281 Delfino Cir Huntington Beach, CA 92646


Also, during the loan process, please:
-Continue to make your current mortgage payment on time until the new loan funds
-Do not apply for any new credit cards, auto loans, or any type of new credit until after we close
-Do not make any non-standard deposits over $500 or move money between accounts
-Do not start any home improvement projects
-Understand the appraisal fee, and any other inspection fees, are non-refundable


For questions please email Joshua.Crater@WatermarkHomeLoans.com or call 949-278-0766

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!